About Us

Our mission at Word Wide Web is:

to enhance the Kingdom/social impact of our partner organizations by writing powerful, dialed-in content and building efficient, interactive websites.

Who is “Word Wide Web”?

Word Wide Web is made up of Daniel and Rebekah Schulz-Jackson, a husband-wife / “web-word” team of freelancers. They live in the Twin Cities area. You can read more of their theological and other musings at their blog, thesjs.com.

I get the Word and Web, but why “Wide”?

We believe ALL God’s children matter. And so we’re bent on making what we do be able to bless a wide range and audience of people. Scale matters. Anything we do to 10,000 of the least of God’s children — whether positive or negative — we do to God 10,000 times! (Matthew 25)

For this reason, we’re committed to broadening and enhancing the impact of¬†organizations in whose missions we believe as greatly as we can.